Frequently Asked Questions

1) How long does it take to get a doll?

From the time I order to you receiving the finished doll, approximately 7 to 10 business days (excluding Sat. and Sun.)

2) What if I need the doll within a week?

There is an additional up charge of $25.00 just for the doll plus additional shipping.

3) How are the dolls shipped?

Dolls are shipped via US Postal Service (Insured and Delivery Confirmation) and/or UPS. Minimum shipping charge is $20 – Some areas may be higher. Additional costs for dolls sent to Alaska or Hawaii.

4) Can I return the doll if not happy?

All sales are final as I cannot return them to the company once assembled.

5) Do I have to put the doll together?

All dolls are completely assembled by me. They will come dressed (clothes are complimentary on my part). All dolls come with a traveling companion and an additional surprise.

6) When do I pay for the doll?

All dolls must be paid for in advance. Once I receive your Money Order or Cashier's Check, the doll will be sent as stated. As soon as I know the doll was received (checking delivery confirmation), then I cash the check.

7) What if I need the doll for a Christmas gift?

All Christmas orders must be placed no later than December 1st. If placed after, then an additional $25.00 will be added to the order for a rush.